Moving day

I wrote about Shand’s Emporium in one of my ‘pen vs earthquake’ posts a couple of years ago (click on the photograph below to read the article). Relocation has taken years rather than months but moving day finally came last week.

Here’s a link to a news report on the move, complete with a video showing how they lifted it over the tram lines: Shand’s Emporium touches down on Manchester Street, Christchurch.

Pen vs earthquake – Shand’s Emporium, 2013

Pen vs earthquake — Shand’s Emporium, 2013


I’m currently working on an abstract landscape commission but the big reveal will have to wait until my client sees it. She has asked for it to be a surprise and so I can’t even post the  WIPs here because there’s a very good chance she’ll see them.

During the meanwhile, here’s a poem I wrote more than twenty years ago that I rediscovered yesterday…

 Anna Cull Promises poem

Opening night

Here’s a video of opening night which was put together by the nice folk from the Christchurch Art Show. If you pay close attention, you can see my little corner of the exhibition at the two-minute mark : ) but you’ll have to be quick — blink and you’ll miss it.

The Christchurch Art Show

Anna Cull Artist Pass 2015

The Christchurch Art Show has come and gone… and what a fantastic event it was!

It was a privilege to be part of such a wonderful event. I met a lot of very talented artists and spent the weekend surrounded by beautiful art, quirky and unusual art, colourful and inspirational art…

We set everything up on Thursday afternoon. The installation went mostly according to plan with only a few minor adjustments (I was given a corner spot and had to swap the panels over so that my table, portfolio and business cards were on the right, see below). The plan continued to evolve over the weekend.

Opening night was a lot of fun — wine, cheese, good conversation — and the three (long) show days ended up going by very quickly. I was thrilled to discover that The New Zealand Artist magazine posted a photo of me and my work on their Facebook page. I’ve made dozens of new artist friends, I must’ve spoken to hundreds of people, and I even sold a couple of paintings while I was there. Yes, I’m very happy with my first art show.

The exhibition plan wasn’t the only thing that evolved over the weekend… I went from feeling like the new kid on the first day of school (will they like me? will I fit in?) to having a real sense of belonging. Going into the weekend was like coming to the high point of a very steep learning curve. I’m now buzzing with ideas and entertaining all sorts of possibilities : )

The Christchurch Art Show 2015, opening night

The Christchurch Art Show 2015, opening night

My thanks to you all for your kind words and encouragement and for supporting me on my big adventure. And yes, I’ve already started planning for next year’s show. First thing’s first though, I really need to catch up on some sleep.

It’s a plan

Christchurch Art Show exhibition plan

Christchurch Art Show exhibition plan

The Christchurch Art Show opens on Thursday night. This is a mock-up of how I imagine my paintings could look at the venue, complete with table, portfolio and business cards.

Having never exhibited my work before (apart from student exhibitions and last year’s mini market), this show is altogether unfamiliar territory. It’s a ‘cash and carry’ event which means that artists have to replace artworks as they are sold. As it is, I’ve already accidentally sold something I painted for the show, Landscape in the late afternoon (with cows), which was a totally unexpected and wonderful surprise (one of my best friends called in for a coffee and practically bought it on the spot). The sale has been a major confidence boost that couldn’t have come at a better time : ) and I do still have a few paintings waiting in the wings, just in case I need them.

Now if I can just master our new cordless screwdriver…

Eight-Second Exposure WIPs

As promised, here are a few WIP photographs of my new painting.

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Eight seconds

Eight-Second Exposure – acrylic on canvas, 605 x 910 mm, 2015.For sale at The Christchurch Art Show, June 2015.

Eight-Second Exposure – acrylic on canvas, 605 x 910 mm, 2015. Available for purchase.

My final painting for this month’s art show was inspired by one of my favourite photographs (below) which I took using an eight-second exposure. It was quite a windy evening and so the kinetic sculpture is moving just as much as the tree, something I really wanted to show in the painting. I’ll post WIP photos later in the week. There are a few more photos of Phil Price’s wonderful sculpture ‘Nucleus’ in action here.

Nucleus, 2010 (photo reference)

Nucleus, 2010 (photo reference)

Anyone who knows Christchurch will appreciate that although the sculpture is still standing, the Majestic Theatre/Majestic House (on the left) and the ANZ Bank Chambers building were damaged beyond repair by earthquakes a few years ago and are no longer with us. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to take lots of photographs in the central city in the months prior to those devastating events.

Eight-Second Exposure, Nucleus detail

Eight-Second Exposure, Nucleus detail

Eight-Second Exposure, ANZ detail

Eight-Second Exposure, ANZ detail

Eight-Second Exposure, tree detail

Eight-Second Exposure, tree detail

Interesting places

Lyttelton Harbour – acrylic on canvas, 305 x 915 mm, 2015. For sale at The Christchurch Art Show, June 2015.

Lyttelton Harbour – acrylic on canvas, 305 x 915 mm, 2015. Available for purchase.

“A painting is never finished ― it simply stops in interesting places.” Paul Gardner