Commissions are always welcome. Do you have an artwork in mind ~ a colour, a mood, or a favourite photograph ~ that you would like turned into a painting ~ or perhaps you would like a different version of one of my existing paintings? Please get in touch via my Contact page or my Etsy shop and we can discuss making your ideas a reality.

My style is representational with a twist ~ explorations of colour and texture, line and light ~ impressions of a subject rather than photorealism. I specialise in nature art, landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes and urban scenes, word art and abstracts.


Bamford, commission, 2015

‘Bamford’ — commission — acrylic on canvas

‘Bamford’ is reworking of my ‘Thank You’ illustration (below). It has been tweaked to accommodate the Bamford’s surname and includes several new stick figures.

Thank You, 2012 — original ink and acrylic illustration

‘Thank You’ — original ink and acrylic illustration

‘Catching Fire’

Catching Fire, commission, 2015

‘Catching Fire’ — commission — acrylic on canvas

‘Catching Fire’ is based on one of my mini abstracts (below). My client liked the style of ‘Time Slip’ and asked for green/orange instead of blue/orange. It was also painted on a much (much) larger canvas.

“Anna was amazing to collaborate with. My home is filled with creative works I have made but when I saw Anna’s amazing paintings on Etsy I decided her work would be perfect for my studio wall. I am really happy with the result and look forward spending many hours enjoying this quality painting. I am also excited by the inspiration this unique work will inspire for many years to come. Anna is a true professional and was more than happy to incorporate my specifications regarding colours so that this unique work coordinates perfectly with my quirky and unusual style. I highly recommend Anna as a commission artist. Her work is perfect for home and work environments. I also think her pricing is very reasonable.” Jackie, Australia

Time Slip, 2014

‘Time Slip’ — acrylic on canvas

‘Sign of the Times (Sonya’s Landscape)’

Sign of the Times (Sonya’s Landscape), commission, 2015

‘Sign of the Times’ — commission — acrylic on canvas (triptych)

This triptych was designed for a hair salon. My client’s business name has been incorporated into the landscape (it can also be read when reflected in the salon’s mirror). Click here to read more about this commission.

Sign of the Times, detail

‘Sign of the Times’ detail

Sign of the Times, detail

‘Sign of the Times’ detail

Sign of the Times, detail

‘Sign of the Times’ detail

Sonya and her paintings

Sonya and her paintings

‘The Last Autumn’

The Last Autumn, commission, 2015

‘The Last Autumn’ — commission — acrylic on canvas

The Last Autumn, 2015 (photograph, AJ Scott Construction)

‘The Last Autumn’ (photograph, AJ Scott Construction)

‘The Last Autumn’ was designed, again, for a particular space. Essentially, it is a reproduction of one of my earlier works (below) but with leaves and red geraniums. Click here to read more about this commission.

The Press, 2014 – ink, watercolour pencil and digital

‘The Press’ — ink, watercolour pencil and digital

‘Mount Grey/Maukatere’

Mount Grey/Maukatere (floating mountain), private commission – acrylic on canvas, 455 x 915 mm, 2014

‘Mount Grey/Maukatere’ —  commission — acrylic on canvas

Mount Grey is my interpretation of a photograph supplied by my client. You can read a little more about the painting here.

‘K2 in Kaiapoi’

K2 in Kaiapoi (private commission) – acrylic on canvas, 610 x 915 mm, 2014

‘K2 in Kaiapoi’ — commission — acrylic on canvas

‘K2 in Kaiapoi’ was created to go with the decor in a specific room. Aspects of the painting have special significance for my client’s family.


Anna Cull Peonies 2013

‘Peonies’ — commission — acrylic on canvas (triptych)

This was my first commission, back in 2013. You can read more about it here.