Jamming at The Irishman, Christchurch – ink sketch, 2014
Jamming at The Irishman, Christchurch – ink sketch, 2014

This is a sketch of my husband (a.k.a. my darling Diva) playing at one of our local open mic nights. The guitar is a borrowed vintage Commodore. Looking at this, I’m tempted to acquire one of those old standard lamps to add a little mood lighting to our gigs… which, by the way, are starting to happen in earnest this year. We’ve finally decided on a name for our duo, we’ve created a website/blog (on WordPress, naturally)… and good things are starting to happen ― but that’s a post for another day : )

For those of you who can’t wait until next week for the official post about me, my man and our music (ooh, that’s a good title)… here is a link to our new site, Pavlova Paradise

Happy birthday, Diva.

My husband had a significant birthday this week. As some of you know, we perform regularly at a local open mic night. What is not widely known, however, is how much of a diva my darling can be when we’re learning songs. He is very talented. I’m in awe of his ability to hear a song, pick up a guitar and play it. Beautifully. Nonetheless, he is at times a DIVA — Demanding, Irrational, Volatile and Antagonistic.

So I painted this tee shirt for his birthday.

Perhaps I should add that he not only approved the design prior to painting, he also couldn’t wait to wear it to open mic night! Happy birthday, my darling Diva : )