Above and beyond

A little jaunt over Christchurch last week in a 1944 DC-3 has yielded quite a crop of new photographs… I’m really pleased with them, especially considering how small the window was and that we were basically right over one of the wings! Anna Cull DC3 Amy (officially ZK-AMY) is a fairly rare bird and will, sadly, be retiring early next year. The day of our flight was quite hazy and more than a little bumpy but the experience was pure magic. Amy will soon be on permanent display at the Ashburton Aviation Museum.Anna Cull DC3 flight The photos not only show Canterbury’s beautiful farmland in all its patchwork glory, they also show how altered Christchurch is ― earthquakes have removed many familiar landmarks and made the cityscape rather beige and boxy ― but perhaps that is a post better left for another day.