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Happy Birthday Etsy ~ Sale ~ 18th–22nd June

SALE ~ 20% off all paintings over US$200 ~ Anna Cull Art on Etsy

SALE ~ 20% off all original art on paper ~ Anna Cull Art on Etsy.

SALE ~ 20% off all note cards ~ Anna Cull Art on Etsy.

The Drawing Room

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I have been revamping listings on Etsy to show how my paintings and note cards could look when displayed in rooms (or, as I like to call them, drawing rooms). The process of ‘framing’ them was fascinating, to see what worked and what didn’t. These are a few favourites.

Let your light shine down

Let Your Light Shine Down — ink, watercolour, and gouache, 204 x 255 mm, 2017. Available.

More clouds. More animal dots. ‘Let Your Light Shine Down’ is a new version of ‘Landscape in the late afternoon (with cows)’.

Let Your Light Shine Down

Christmas Countdown * 7 *

* Merry Everything *

As we start the countdown to Christmas Day, now only a week away, I’ll be posting a few seasonally appropriate images that I created over on Polyvore. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas, happy holidays and Happy New Year!