Two birds, one stone.

Sparrow sketch – ink on paper, 95 x 105 mm, 2012.

Actually, it’s one bird and a rock — but that’s not the point.

I’m going to be working on a painting for an art auction/competition this week (at least that’s the plan) and I thought I’d make a start on the sketches for that project and write to my friend at the same time. We always include a sketch in our letters to each other, so here is the little sparrow I drew for her.

I hope she doesn’t read this post before she gets the letter.


Little lizard brooch – ink on paper, 45 x 65 mm, 2012.

It’s really good to be writing letters again but I’ve discovered a catch. Writing about doing something is not the same as doing something. I had the best of intentions today. I was going to photograph and catalogue some of the jewellery I’ve inherited in recent years. Instead, I’ve written a letter to my friend telling her all about it (which is why I drew this). And the necklaces and rings and other pretty sparkling things are still waiting. Patiently.

Maybe tomorrow…

Pen and ink

Pen and ink – ink on paper, 110 x 145 mm, 2012.
Pen and ink – ink on paper, 110 x 145 mm, 2012.

I’ve started writing letters again. Not emails. Not texts. Real letters.

Earlier this month, a girlfriend and I were fondly remembering our letter-writing days and wondering if it really had become a lost art when we hit upon a plan to start writing letters to each other again — something we probably hadn’t done for a decade or more (okay, definitely more). Oh there have been birthday cards and holiday postcards… but no letters. A sorry state of affairs.

The rules: no cards, no postcards, only letters in envelopes posted the old-fashioned way. With a stamp. A sketch (anything from a 10-second doodle to a one-hour masterpiece — at the writer’s discretion) would also have to be included in the letter.

We have now written, sent and received two letters each.

It’s early days but so far, so good…