Alone (not alone)

‘Alone with a hundred billion stars’ acrylic on canvas, 505 x 405 mm, 2020. Available.

Almost a year in the making, I started this painting in September 2019 and then put it aside to work on other things, then lost interest, then forgot about it, then found it last month while tidying up and felt sorry for it and finally (finally!) finished it. There’s a lovely glow to it and a rather nice 3D-ness now that it’s varnished.

The two six-word supermoon paintings look so good together in the Drawing Room, you’d think I’d planned it : ) Both are available from my Etsy shop.


‘Secrets kept her from being lonely’ — acrylic on canvas, 505 x 405 mm, 2019. Available.

‘Secrets kept her from being lonely’ is my latest six-word painting. It features (most of) a supermoon and many (many) layers of stars. It’s impossible to take a good photo of this painting now that it’s varnished and super glossy… and prior to varnishing, the colours weren’t nearly as rich and deep and dark. So what you see here will have to do. In real life, the moon and the stars are brighter than the blue text, and the night sky is blue, black, and purple. 🌕✨

And if you want to know a secret, this painting was inspired by a photograph I took of a blue supermoon in 2015. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was when I discovered that I not only had a good shot of the moon’s surface, I could also see the different colours of the surrounding stars. Not a bad effort for my little nothing-fancy camera : ) 📷

Supermoon at Twilight

Supermoon at Twilight — acrylic on canvas, 305 x 405 mm, 2018. Available.

‘Supermoon at Twilight’ is a revisiting of my study of a supermoon over Moorhouse Ave, Christchurch, in 2013. The new version was painted on a black canvas (of course!). The work-in-progress images (below) show i) work on the composition (mainly tweaking the city silhouette) and ii) changes to the underpainting colours prior to adding the final layers. Go, moon, go!

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Sale week six

My spring sale is rolling on… The paintings below have been dramatically reduced in price for one week only ~ offer until end of day 11th November  ~ please click on any of the images to visit my Etsy shop.

Heading for Blue Skies — acrylic on canvas, 305 x 405 mm
Heading for Blue Skies — SOLD

French Lace — acrylic on canvas, 102 x 102 mm
French Lace — N/A

Blue Moon — acrylic on canvas, 230 x 305 mm
Blue Moon — SOLD

Sale week four

I am offering three paintings every week between now and early December at 40–60% off their original prices. It’s a ‘spring cleaning’ experiment that will hopefully create a bit more space in the art cave. Please click on the images below to visit my Etsy shop.

This week’s featured paintings are:

Thursday, Avon River — acrylic on canva,s 760 x 510 mm
Thursday, Avon River — SOLD

Moon over the City — acrylic on canvas, ready to frame, 405 x 305 mm
Moon over the City — N/A

Little Sparrow — ink and watercolour, unframed 240 x 180 mm
Little Sparrow — SOLD