Sale week two

My art sale is into its second week on Etsy. Between now and early December I will be featuring three different paintings every week at 40–60% off the original price. Click on the images to visit my shop.

I will be posting the paintings here on Thursdays when they go on sale. I’m sorry if it’s going to look like spam — this is my attempt at spring cleaning the art cave which is full to bursting with art, art and more art. And I want to make even more art (of course I do) and so something has to go. Preferably several somethings.

I’m also just about to start work on a large painting commission which came through my Etsy shop. I DO like commissions : ) This one is going to be based on one of my mini abstracts. The challenge will be taking something 4 x 4 inches and making it 30 x 40 inches — sounds like fun to me!

Meanwhile, back to business. This week’s sale paintings are:

Wellington Harbour — acrylic on canvas, 455 x 610 mm
Wellington Harbour — SOLD

Springtime — SOLD

Peace and Love — acrylic on canvas, 255 x 255 mm
Peace and Love — SOLD


I’m currently working on an abstract landscape commission but the big reveal will have to wait until my client sees it. She has asked for it to be a surprise and so I can’t even post the  WIPs here because there’s a very good chance she’ll see them.

During the meanwhile, here’s a poem I wrote more than twenty years ago that I rediscovered yesterday…

 Anna Cull Promises poem