Akaroa 2.0

‘Bird’s-eye View’ — acrylic on canvas, 150 x 150mm, 2020. SOLD

Here is another reworking of an old painting. You can compare it with the original below…

‘Bird’s-eye View’ old and new versions for comparison ~ seen here alongside ‘On the Harbour’

There were elements I liked in the original version but, two years on, that background now looked like an embarrassing mess to me. So I painted over it with green, gold, purple and turquoise, redefining the hill shapes and tree lines. The seagull and little boats were also tweaked a little to put them more ‘in’ the painting. I had planned to leave the water untouched (I really liked the original water) but having changed everything else, it needed to be warmer and simpler to work with the other elements. Overall, I think it’s an improvement, and even if you disagree… it’s too late now!

Fortunately the new version still looks good alongside the other little Akaroa study. Both paintings* (sold separately) are currently available on Trade Me (NZ) as I continue with the Big Spring Clean of 2020.

*Please note that both paintings have now sold.

New Brighton Pier

New Brighton Pier, Christchurch — acrylic on canvas, 230 x 305 mm, 2014
New Brighton Pier, Christchurch — acrylic on canvas, 230 x 305 mm, 2014. SOLD

Finished, freshly varnished and now for sale sold. Click here if you missed the original post about this painting.

I’ve listed a couple of other paintings ― two I’m rather fond of that I painted last year. Both are available via Etsy or directly from me.

‘Runner’ and ‘Peace and Love’ 2013
‘Runner’ and ‘Peace and Love’ 2013. SOLD