Magnetic art (…also known as fridge magnets…)

‘Be Yourself ‘

It has been fun making these teeny tiny art prints and turning them into magnets (that’s proper magic, that is : ) I have listed a few over on Etsy and will make more if they are popular.

The hardest thing about the process was deciding on the colours for the stick figure magnets (final image below) and then coming up with names for them. Happy colours deserve happy names, so I have ended up with Sky Blue, Violet Blue, Strawberry Pink, Pumpkin, Sunshine Yellow, Spring Green, Lavender, and Midnight Blue.

‘Through the Trees’
‘A Quiet Corner’
‘Butterfly Catcher’ ~ ‘Flower Gardener’ ~ ‘Stargazer’

And now that I have the little magnets all sorted, I think it must be about time I started painting again…

Creating brighter futures

Make For Good mini paintings (now sold)

I created these bright little paintings for this year’s Make For Good charity fundraiser which officially launched this week. Etsy sellers from around Australia and New Zealand have made items reflecting the ‘Creating Brighter Futures’ theme and are donating a minimum of 20% towards Plan International Australia’s ‘Because I am a Girl’ campaign, raising funds to support women and girls in developing communities around the world.

To learn more about this project, please go to
Make For Good 2016 runs until December 19th @etsyau @plan_australia

The Flower Gardener and The Butterfly Catcher * available on Etsy *
The Flower Gardener and The Butterfly Catcher (now sold)


Doodlemugs (front)

Doodlemugs (back)
Photos courtesy of Della’s Pottery

Our first ever Doodlemugs have turned out beautifully. They will be for sale at the Lyttelton Market (Christchurch, NZ) on Saturday 19th March — or contact Della’s Pottery on Facebook. Individually designed and handcrafted by Della’s Pottery and Anna Cull Art.

Mugshots (a collaboration)

Della's Pottery mugs waiting to be decorated
Della’s Pottery mugs waiting to be decorated

A couple of weeks ago, my talented friend Della made these fabulous mugs, handed me a ceramic glazing pencil, and told me that I could draw anything I wanted on them. What a brilliant opportunity to try something new (thank you, Della).

Because the mugs are so deliciously quirky, I decided that the designs had to be quirky too and opted to decorate them with some of my little ‘Thank You’ stick figures. I took photos of the mugs and played around with size and placement possibilities in Affinity Photo (yes, that’s right, NOT Photoshop… but that’s a story for another day) before committing to drawing on the mugs with the special glazing pencil (see below). I’ll post more photos of the mugs once Della has glazed and fired them again. I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

Mugshots (2)
Mugshots (2)

Mugshots (3)
Mugshots (3)

Another year over…

Bamford (private commission) – acrylic on canvas, 150 x 305 mm, 2015
Bamford (private commission) – acrylic on canvas, 150 x 305 mm, 2015

This small canvas was my last commission of 2015 ~ and it was a wonderful way to end the year. When I was asked to paint this version of my little stick figure illustration, I had no idea how it would look (given that the original figures were ink drawings on paper). I needn’t have worried. This painting now has pride of place on my new Commissions page.

Wishing everyone a happy and creative 2016 : )