A closer look at yesterday

Yesterday – monoprint, 130 x 210 mm, 2010.
Yesterday – monoprint, 130 x 210 mm, 2010.

Poppytump has asked for a closer look at the woodcut print that made an appearance in my previous post … so here it is.

The stormy sea woodblock after printing.
The ‘yesterday’ woodblock after printing.
The yesterday woodblock after printing.

3 thoughts on “A closer look at yesterday

  1. Wow thankyou Anna !
    Yes, I did want to see the woodblock design and cut work a bit more clearly .
    Did you trace the design or just go with it freehand I wonder ? It looks quite tricky job getting round the letters of ‘YESTERDAY’ and with it being back to front as well of course !
    I”ve recently made a start on a bird on a piece of lino but need to get the proper ink to see how it will turn out .
    A Lovely Monoprint thanks for sharing a closer peep at it x

    1. Thanks and you’re welcome : ) It was sketched, traced and then cut … but it took on a life of its own because that’s what happens when you cut into wood and you don’t know what you’re doing. Have fun with the linocut (I hope the results make it onto your blog).

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