My old stamping ground

Seahorses – stamp and digital, 2002
Seahorses – stamp and digital, 2002

Another illustration from the vaults. This seahorse image was made using a stamp carved out of a rubber/eraser (see below) and then edited digitally.

Anna Cull seahorse stamp

As he is currently quite purple, I’d say the last time I used him was on the ‘breathing underwater’ pages of my Book without boundaries project in 2010.

7 thoughts on “My old stamping ground

  1. Cool stamps! And I love “Book without Boundaries,” it’s marvelous! You get great effects from the mixed-media techniques…so much patience, in my view…a labor of love. It’s as much universal as it is personal. In that sense, it’s poetic, while at the same time completely whimsical. May Mr. Currently Purple Seahorse find many such homes! “Polished” is overrated.

  2. I liked your ‘Book without Boundaries’ a long time ago Anna.
    But it was really interesting to go back and have another look after following and seeing more of your recent lovely painting works, creations and ongoing projects .
    Now I feel I’ve got to know just a little bit more of Anna the Artist 🙂

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