I’m taking a little break…

Anna Cull Back soon 2014

…from posting. I’ve been blogging (planning, writing, drawing and/or painting something every week) since March 2012. I’ve chalked up 325 posts and have uploaded more than a thousand images. Yes, it really does seem time for a lie down and a little nap. Don’t worry… I’ll still visit : )

My Etsy shop will stay open and I’ll be back in September (or ‘spring’ as we like to think of it here in New Zealand). TTFN

12 thoughts on “I’m taking a little break…

  1. Hope you find lots of inspiration on your break Anna whether at home or away ..
    See you back here soon 🙂

  2. You definitely deserve a break! Have a great vacation and it will be exciting to hear about it when you return. Wishing you much creativity!

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