Summer, autumn, winter, spring

Blackout poem #13
Blackout poem #13

“Hearts will grow almost anywhere.
As long as they are handled carefully,
they will flower summer, autumn, winter, spring.”

It’s been a busy month… although you might not be able to tell that from my blog posts. I’ve been revamping some of the photos in my Etsy shop, I’ve painted a few landscapes (you may still see one of them in my Instagram feed over there on the right), and I’ve been discovering the wonderful world of Polyvore.

Oh and I’ve been preparing for the Pegasus Bay Art Show which is happening this weekend. Friday, October 7th is Opening Night and Saturday, October 8th is the Open Day.

My, that’s a lot of links… I hope that goes some way to explaining my absence from WordPress these last few weeks. No apologies. No excuses. I do plan to be around a little more often after the art show and then I can fill you in on recent events in more detail.

2 thoughts on “Summer, autumn, winter, spring

  1. Busy isn’t the word for it Anna … great to see what you’ve been creating and involved in recently . Polyvore is new to me …. love those boards … it lets loose the imagination … could get lost in there for hours 🙂 ❤ your blackout poem .
    Good luck for the Art Show this weekend !

    1. Thanks, Louise. Yes, and things just keep getting busier. If I can make it to January, my man tells me we can have a proper holiday somewhere (such as we haven’t had for nearly two years). Mmmmm, holiday… Thanks for dropping by, xxx

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