Time for a makeover

My online profile picture has been the same since 2013! It really was time for a change…

The original illustration was drawn in 2010 in the comic book style made famous by American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein:

Pop art self-portrait, vector illustration, 2010

In 2012, I replaced the dots with plain colours, added a background pattern and used it for the first and last pages of my Design & Arts College Diary:

It has been my profile pic ever since (with the occasional tweak now and then). And in case you’re wondering… yes, the new look was inspired by a recent real-life makeover : )

Our 2020 makeover

Sweet as Honey

‘Sweet as Honey’ in the Drawing Room

If you missed it, you can read the story behind this design in my previous post.

‘Sweet as Honey’ art print

Love Birds

‘Love Birds’ art print in the Drawing Room

This ‘Love Birds’ design was originally created for a student project in 2011. It was part of a boutique brewery branding campaign (yes, really) and was inspired by the textiles of William Morris. With a few minor tweaks and new text, it is now a quirky little art print.

‘Love Birds’ art print

Below are some of the original images that I created for the completely fictional Old Mill Brewers. The idea behind the campaign was that the brewery was located in a converted textile mill, a sophisticated venue where boutique beer is savoured like good wine.  As well as coming up with the name of the brewery and designing the logo and bottle labels…

Boutique beer branding campaign (student project, 2011, Design & Arts College)

…I also invented the six flavours: Red House (pilsner), Honey (lager), Vanilla (pale ale), Spice (witbier), Black Cherry (porter) and Chocolate (stout). Yum!

Boutique brewery logos (student project, 2011, Design & Arts College)

I even added the bird logo to the barcode on the back of the labels : ) It really was one of my favourite projects (as you can probably tell).

Barcode design (student project, 2011, Design & Arts College)


And about time too

It’s been a long time coming but I’ve finally turned some of my drawings and paintings into note cards. They are all 6” x 4” because that’s a nice size for framing.

The really hard part has been limiting myself to a dozen designs for my first printing. The following are now available from my Etsy shop:


The red gate

Cashmere Road business card 2015
© 2015 Della and Gordon

The brief was to design a business card to advertise a self-contained studio flat for rent in Cashmere, one of Christchurch’s prettiest suburbs. The flat is separated from the main property by a fabulous wrought iron gate. I was asked to make this gate the main feature of the design.

One of my photographs of the property.
One of my photographs of the property.

For the curious, this is what the gate and geranium sketch looked like prior to adding the red and green watercolours (painted, scanned and edited) in Photoshop:

Cashmere Road sketch 2015

And for those wanting to visit Christchurch and stay in a beautiful location with friendly hosts, here is the link to the Cashmere Road Studio Flat.