Time for a makeover

My online profile picture has been the same since 2013! It really was time for a change…

The original illustration was drawn in 2010 in the comic book style made famous by American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein:

Pop art self-portrait, vector illustration, 2010

In 2012, I replaced the dots with plain colours, added a background pattern and used it for the first and last pages of my Design & Arts College Diary:

It has been my profile pic ever since (with the occasional tweak now and then). And in case you’re wondering… yes, the new look was inspired by a recent real-life makeover : )

Our 2020 makeover

Retro chic

Gravatar for a friend

This is something I made for one of my best friends ― along the same lines (so to speak) as the image I’m currently using as my WordPress Gravatar. Both drawings are based on a Vectortuts+ tutorial that gives step-by-step instructions for turning a photograph into a digital drawing in the style of 1960s pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. Now I’m wondering if I can convince her to dye her hair purple!