Retro chic

Gravatar for a friend

This is something I made for one of my best friends ― along the same lines (so to speak) as the image I’m currently using as my WordPress Gravatar. Both drawings are based on a Vectortuts+ tutorial that gives step-by-step instructions for turning a photograph into a digital drawing in the style of 1960s pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. Now I’m wondering if I can convince her to dye her hair purple!

6 thoughts on “Retro chic

  1. Love the colours you chose Anna, I actually had purplish hair for a few months as a uni student but think my boys would be horrified if I had it purple now!

    1. I’m sure they’d get over it, Jen. Eventually : ) I’ve lost count of the number of colours in my hair — every time I get highlights done, it’s always a different colour. I’m still trying to find the perfect purple. I just love ageing disgracefully : )

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