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Reflecting on The Colour of Snow

The Colour of Snow – acrylic on canvas, 2013. Private collection.

‘The Colour of Snow’, my first ever painting on canvas, is now finally framed ~ it only took me five years to get around to it! Click on the photo to read the original post (and to see the painting without the reflecting glass).

Sale week two

My art sale is into its second week on Etsy. Between now and early December I will be featuring three different paintings every week at 40–60% off the original price. Click on the images to visit my shop.

I will be posting the paintings here on Thursdays when they go on sale. I’m sorry if it’s going to look like spam — this is my attempt at spring cleaning the art cave which is full to bursting with art, art and more art. And I want to make even more art (of course I do) and so something has to go. Preferably several somethings.

I’m also just about to start work on a large painting commission which came through my Etsy shop. I DO like commissions : ) This one is going to be based on one of my mini abstracts. The challenge will be taking something 4 x 4 inches and making it 30 x 40 inches — sounds like fun to me!

Meanwhile, back to business. This week’s sale paintings are:

Wellington Harbour — acrylic on canvas, 455 x 610 mm

Wellington Harbour — acrylic on canvas, 455 x 610 mm


Springtime — SOLD

Peace and Love — acrylic on canvas, 255 x 255 mm

Peace and Love — acrylic on canvas, 255 x 255 mm


A frosty morning – acrylic on canvas, 305 x 405 mm, 2015. Available for purchase.

A Frosty Morning – acrylic on canvas, 305 x 405 mm, 2015. Available.

Cold morning —­ photograph © Maureen Sudlow 2015

Cold morning —­ photograph © Maureen Sudlow 2015

My thanks to Maureen Sudlow of www.kiwis-soar.com for allowing me to use her beautiful photograph of an old dairy factory in Dargaville as a reference for my latest painting. I love the dramatic contrasts, the dark silhouettes against the muted colours of grass and sky, the lone horse on a cold spring morning, the tree branches reaching… reaching…

Showing off

The Last Autumn, 2015 — photograph by AJ Scott Construction

AJ Scott Construction

What a lovely surprise ― The Last Autumn has appeared on AJ Scott Construction’s website in a feature about my client’s beautiful Waitikiri home. I’m thrilled with the photographs they took of the painting (which only went up on the wall the day before the photo shoot). Click on the image above to see the complete slideshow.

The last autumn

This commission was a bit special, both for the client and for me. The Press Building was the home of The Press newspaper from 1909 until February 2011. A beautiful building situated in Cathedral Square, it was one of the casualties of the Christchurch 2010–2011 earthquakes. Even though the painting shows its last autumn (in 2010), we wanted it to represent happier times and evoke fond memories.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The painting is a combination of two of my In the Style of… paintings: the building and tree from The Press and the leaves from Tram. The red geraniums originally appeared in Press Lane, an experimental sketch I did in 2013. I photographed the final painting on a dull day — the tree is actually very dark brown, not black. And at 40″ x 54″ (1015mm x 1370mm), it’s my largest ever painting.