The World Looks Different Today

‘The World Looks Different Today’ acrylic on canvas, 155 x 305 mm, 2021. SOLD

Hi. It has been a few months since I posted anything here and I wanted to assure you that my social media silence is nothing to be concerned about. I am still here… I have been busy writing songs. My intention was to work on music and take a short break from painting for a month or so and, in the blink on an eye, it is now September and the first day of spring!

Yesterday I finally picked up a paintbrush again and this is what happened…

4 thoughts on “The World Looks Different Today

  1. Lovely painting.

    Another blogger suggested recently that we should be more concerned about someone’s wellbeing when they’re posting a lot on social media, rather than when they stop. In most cases, that’s probably right.

  2. I was over on Facebook earlier this afternoon and saw pictures from a friend who took their grandchildren to the “Immersive Experience” museum of art display of Van Gogh – music may have been singing through your heart, but when I viewed this post? Non-Artist I am? I think, “Someday, someone will do immersive display of Anna’s art!” :D. Beautiful!

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