12 thoughts on “A letter to my teenage self

    1. Anna Cull Post author

      : ) I thought the description alone would be enough of a clue… it really was my fashion disaster of the decade – and I’m talking about the 1980s!

  1. simone

    dearest anna, l have tears in my eyes and a smile ear to ear, what else can be said, love you, thank you for sharing your heart. wished l had had one of those letters to

  2. spaark

    If you are not going to wear it- send it my way! So happy to have dropped by. Thanks for the follow-right back at you. Julie (artistically afflicted)

    1. Anna Cull Post author

      Hi, Julie. I love your blog!

      Sadly (or happily – depending), that little gold number is who-knows-where. And because 1983 was before – long, long before – cameras in phones on every street corner, there is no photographic evidence. Yay.

  3. Winter Owls

    Anna, I found this letter so touching, how I wish I’d had a letter like this to read when I was a teenager. As far as fashion goes, I would have warned myself not to wear a purple headband to my 21st (yes I survived 80’s fashion too)!

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