Words, words, words (part one)

I’ve decided to write a few posts about a booklet I made at design school in 2011. The project was inspired by Stefan Sagmeister’s incredible book Things I have learned in my life so far. Every page is a photograph of a word (or two) created by using objects to form the letters. The lesson I chose to illustrate is that you don’t have to be like everybody else.

Anna Cull booklet cover
Things I Have Learnt In My Life So Far… (cover)

The cover of my booklet Things I Have Learnt In My Life So Far… yes, that’s me in the mirror. I was surprised that this shot worked. Every other photo was carefully planned and painstakingly executed — but not this one. This was completely spontaneous.

Anna Cull you
Things I Have Learnt In My Life So Far… (page one)

You represents individuality and potential. The photo features something from every word/page in the booklet. This word was originally going to be plants (see below) rather than drawings of plants but I didn’t think the images were strong enough.

Things I Have Learnt In My Life So Far...  the process
You (the process)

All of the photos were taken in and around home using only the things I could find on site because I wanted to use the ordinary and everyday to create something personal and unique. I’m not like everybody else and neither are you : )

I’ll post the next two photos later in the week.

7 thoughts on “Words, words, words (part one)

  1. Anna I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes !
    I can see you had to have patience with scissors for sure .
    Have you ever seen one of those people who cuts out your silhouette in black paper with sort of nail scissors in a flash ??? amazing 🙂

    1. : ) scissors and a very, very sharp little knife. No, I hadn’t seen anyone do the speed-silhouette-paper-cutting thing – but I’ve just watched a video online… Impressive!

  2. What an interesting project! Sounds fun! I really like the cover photo, as well. Turned out amazing!

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