Words, words, words (part two)

Here are two more pages from my booklet inspired by Stefan Sagmeister’s book Things I have learned in my life so far. My life lesson: you don’t have to be like everybody else.

As I said in part one, all of the photographs were taken in and around home using only what I could find on site — using the ordinary and everyday to create something personal and unique. Because I’m not like everybody else and neither are you : )

Anna Cull don't
Things I Have Learnt In My Life So Far… (page two)

Don’t is about turning negatives (!) into positives. In case you’re wondering, I didn’t harm any of our precious family negatives (that’s me and my older brother in the 1970s) to get this shot. I scanned them, printed them on transparency film and attached them to a string tied between two coathangers so that I could hold them in position while taking the photo using a tripod and a timer. Phew. And it was a very breezy day. Lots of patience required but worth it. It’s one of my favourite images.

Don't (the process)
Don’t (the process)

The breezy conditions produced some rather interesting photos.

Anna Cull have
Things I Have Learnt In My Life So Far… (page three)

Have is about gifts (and I’m not just talking about brooches and necklaces). It also represents the acceptance of loss. Sometimes what you have is a result of what you don’t have. The word is made from jewellery I’ve inherited over recent years. The image is intentionally busy because grief and coming to terms with the absence of those you love is a very complicated thing.

I’ll post the remaining photos next week.

8 thoughts on “Words, words, words (part two)

  1. Anna what a provoking and thoughtful post as well as being about Art too .
    From a personal point of view I can see the words ‘Sometimes what you have is a result of what you don’t have’ is very meaningful.
    Keep on posting ..Love Page 3 …. I am intrigued !

    1. Thanks : ) …I wear some of page three from time to time.
      This was one of my favourite assignments at design school — it was also very challenging because I chose to make it so personal (and these two pages in particular). Four more pages to go…

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