Shoot it, Sketch it: Blue

Blue (seagull #2) – mixed media, 205 x 290 mm, 2013.
Blue (seagull #2) – mixed media, 205 x 290 mm, 2013
Seagull #2 – Akaroa, 2012.
Seagull #2 – Akaroa, 2012

I hope you like this week’s Shoot it, Sketch it. The water and the seagull standing on the wall are two different paintings that have been combined in Photoshop. The gull was sketched in graphite and then painted using acrylics thinned with a gloss medium. The background and wall are thicker acrylics that have been applied with a palette knife.

You’ll be seeing a few more paintings over the next month as I come to terms with my new artists’ acrylics and the knowledge that I’ve just accepted a commission to do a large peony rose on stretched canvas! I do love a challenge : )

12 thoughts on “Shoot it, Sketch it: Blue

  1. Like the Sea And Wall texture and combination there Anna .
    Look forward to some big peony making an appearance then 😉

  2. Lovely painting, Anna! Your idea of doing a photo shoot and then using the reference to paint your picture, and then posting them together provides an interesting insight into your creative process. Really liked the contrast between the palette knife background (water) and the approach you took in rendering the gull in the foreground. Also appreciated all the blues you managed to squeeze into the painting, keeping your largely monochrome study interesting.

    1. Thanks, Tom. Yes, I’d be all at sea (!) without my reference photos : ) And the best thing is that what may be a very average scene in a photo (of, say, a seagull on a wall) can be completely transformed by paint and imagination. I’m glad you like it.

      1. I really dig this one. So…as I recently told my dad about his urge to re-work before posting his “old” poems on his blog, “not too much tinkering, now!” 🙂

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