In the style of… André François

Gold – acrylic on paper, 255 x 305 mm, 2013.
Gold – acrylic on paper, 255 x 305 mm, 2013
Goldfish pond, original photo, 2012.
Goldfish pond, original photo, 2012

The influence of André François’ art (see below) on the way I painted this goldfish pond is subtle but it’s definitely there. I can see it in the brush strokes, the way the colours are applied and the black lines around the leaves and fish. I don’t think the online image has quite the same impact as the painting… because from a distance — despite the texture, bright colours and obvious outlines — the painted fish pond looks real. Really really real! Most peculiar.

André François

André François – illustrations for  Citroën and Kodak Citroën ad image from Kodak ad image from
André François – illustrations for Citroën and Kodak
Citroën ad image from
Kodak ad image from

Hungarian-born French artist André François (1915–2005) is perhaps best remembered for his cartoons in Punch, Vogue and The New Yorker but I’m more interested in his graphic design work, such as these vintage advertising posters for Citroën and Kodak ― the brushwork, colours and humour are delightful.

In the style of… appears occasionally instead of my regular Shoot it, Sketch it posts. Using my own photographs as a starting point, I’m drawing inspiration from some of the world’s greatest illustrators. It’s not about slavishly copying someone else’s art; it’s an experiment in seeing things differently.

9 thoughts on “In the style of… André François

  1. This is very calming and beautiful… I love the leaves and the bright fish, and that little flower in the right foreground, to me, looks as though she may be directing traffic 😛

  2. I like the In the style of … concept Anna.
    Is perfect for you being so diverse and experimental in your work. I’ve enjoyed these posts so far – some nice piece and an education in art for me 😉

  3. I’ll second LunchSketch there Anna 😉
    Love the goldfish on the dark depths … great choice of photo to use for your ‘ in the style’ of series !

  4. This is a very nice piece. I love how the brush strokes bring the underwater scene to life 🙂

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