Amy – ink and watercolour on paper, 255 x 205 mm, 2013.
Amy – ink and watercolour on paper, 255 x 205 mm, 2013.

My friend Amy may have lost her fob watch. It’s not easy being a Time Lord if you can’t remember who you are. (Happy birthday, Amy.)

5 thoughts on “Amy

    1. Thanks. Painting the circles with a brush was very challenging! They’re Gallifreyan (the language of the Time Lords in ‘Doctor Who’). I’m pretty sure I wrote something like: “Amy is a Time Lord”… at least that’s what I meant to write : )

  1. I teach a lot of young girls–middle school age; and I love seeing your stuff because it helps me keep me in the youth loop. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks, Jacki… but if I’m in the youth loop it’s only b/c I have beautiful young friends like Amy! I went back to school a few years ago as a ‘mature’ student (what an awful label to put on those of us who are no longer teenagers!) to study art and design. As a result, I rediscovered my passion for drawing and painting and now there’s no stopping me : ) I’m glad to have found you and your blog. I hope you keep up the good work too.

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