Beatles love

All You Need Is Love, detail – acrylic on canvas, 255 x 305 mm, 2013
All You Need Is Love, detail – acrylic on canvas, 255 x 305 mm, 2013

I painted this little Beatles record as a test for my new Golden satin varnish — I’m preparing to varnish the Peonies triptych and I read somewhere that dark colours can appear cloudy under satin or matte varnish if not applied correctly. So I bought a cheap stretched canvas and had a bit of fun.

10 thoughts on “Beatles love

  1. For some reason your gravatar image reminds me of the style of drawing used in the animated movie, heavy metal.

    1. I followed some good advice — I invested in a good brush, used an isolation coat (Golden soft gel gloss) over the very dry painting and thinned the varnish a little (4:1) — and had no problems at all : )

  2. You did a great job of the grooves/lead-in track… though it looks like a stylus-wrecking audiophiles nightmare in places (:

  3. Now I will be humming “all you need is love” all day. I love how you painted the record. Glad to hear your varnish & gloss experiment turned out well.

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