In the style of… Fougasse

Tram – ink and digital, 297 x 210 mm, 2013
Tram – ink and digital, 297 x 210 mm, 2013
Tram (edited and unedited photos) – Christchurch, 2010
Tram (edited and original photos) – Christchurch, 2010

Simple lines and a few splashes of colour. I really enjoyed this one — does it show?


Posters from 1944 Images from
Posters from 1944
Images from

Fougasse was the nom de plume of London-born cartoonist Cyril Kenneth Bird (1887–1965). I’m a big fan of the posters he designed for the London Underground. I love the simplicity of these illustrations — and the humour.

In the style of… appears occasionally instead of my regular Shoot it, Sketch it posts. Using my own photographs as a starting point, I’m drawing inspiration from some of the world’s greatest illustrators. It’s not about slavishly copying someone else’s art; it’s an experiment in seeing things differently.

16 thoughts on “In the style of… Fougasse

  1. I really like this and also loved the trams in Christchurch when I was there about 15 years ago. Would I be correct in assuming that they haven’t been reinstated since the earthquake?

    1. That’s right. Even though they are more of a tourist attraction than a way of getting around the city — Melbourne, we are not — they have been missed. I’ve just checked their website and the good news is that the trams should be running again (on a shorter circuit) later this month.

  2. Brilliant Anna . You are one clever artist .
    And as for the posters of Fougasse … still totally relevant today 😉

  3. Very neat (in both the literal and US colloquial senses! :-)). I like your choice of the public transportation theme, too.

  4. Very nice! I have no idea who Fougasse is, but these cartoons, for some reason, remind me of Madeline… anyone still remember that one? I recall watching the cartoon series on television, once upon a time… 🙂

    1. Thanks. Yes, I remember the books. Maybe it’s the yellow background and black lines that remind you of Madeline? I think I may need to visit the library and look her up : )

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