Number 200

In the art cave – acrylic on canvas (detail), 2013
In the art cave – acrylic on canvas (detail), 2013

I’ve spent the last 18 months (and 200 posts) experimenting quite a lot with different styles and mediums, researching artists and illustrators, and stretching my creative wings. I completed my first commission a couple of months ago and now it seems the time has come to start putting my art ‘out there’ — for sale, I mean. So I’ve started to rework some of my earlier pieces with this in mind…

This firefly painting began life as a mixed media collage. Turning it into a painting proved to be a bit of a challenge but I got there in the end.

Housekeeping notes: as well as changing my WordPress header, I’ve also changed the title of my blog (just the name, not the URL/web address) from ‘Anna Cull ~ illustration & design’ to ‘in the art cave’ — oh and I’ve updated my About page too.

16 thoughts on “Number 200

  1. I do love those bugs. The swirly parts encircling them seem, to me, like bubbles (they’re in space) or ripples (they’re on water). I like the dual feeling of it!

    1. Thanks, David. Those swirly parts almost defeated me — I’m not surprised they look like bubbles… there are quite a few layers of paint on that canvas!

  2. I LOVE this painting! The changes to the banner photo and title are great! It’s always funny to me how something that looks so simple when it’s done can be so taxing while in process. (But I guess that’s why it’s called “art” :-))

    1. Thank you. It felt like time for a change. As for the painting… perhaps ‘simplicity’ is to art as ‘brevity’ is to writing — to achieve either tends to take more time and require more effort. Just a thought.

      1. I agree…the illusion of effortlessness! The little orbs of light around your fireflies have that!

  3. Great news Anna about offering your creations for sale… the bugs are magical and l have enjoyed watching you explore styles and subjects over such diversity this year. Keep blogging xx

    1. Thanks, Sim. I’m still deciding how best to sell my art (local galleries, Etsy, Facebook etc.)… but I thought if I made a bold statement — such as declaring my intention to the world on my little blog, I might be a bit more motivated to figure it out. I really appreciate your encouragement, xxx

  4. Congratulations Anna 200 is a big achievement ! Loved this past year or so of following your creativity .
    Hope to see more of course … and wish you the bestest in getting your lovely work ‘ out there ‘
    Life.. the universe.. and little fireflies all in your painting 🙂

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