7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #1

  1. And is the message ‘No talking on cellphones in this café, please’ or is it, ‘Time to upgrade your old Nokia for a Smartphone?’ Joke. You could say their message was very ‘pointed’.

    1. Yes : ) you could also say they nailed it! And they weren’t old phones 10 years ago. Sadly, the last time we were at the Mussel Inn (where this was taken), there was no ‘get the message’ sign — perhaps they were upgrading it…

  2. Hey, that’s my phone! (Actually, mine is a vintage LG flipphone. :-)) I love this! “The message” could be read on many levels. I’ve read that silicon valley is the largest EPA superfund site in the US–they produce so much toxic wastewater that neither industry nor government wants to take responsibility to clean it up. Yet the industry is constantly trying to persuade us of our need for newer and “better” products (and we are constantly drinking their Kool-Aid). What is the price of convenience? Do we really need the next upgrade? Maybe we are being urged to contemplate the origins and true costs of our “stuff.” Or maybe we should just think about putting the damn things down for awhile, try conversing with the people present with us for a change. There is no one in the room with me now…. 😉 A very “pointed” display, indeed!

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