Open the door (word prompts)

Last week I started a new challenge called the Six-Word Story Challenge. The daily word prompts come from Megan Rutell on Page Flutter. I have decided to begin with the January prompts, so I’ve got a bit of catching up to do. I will be posting them in batches here as well as posting a few of my favourites over on Instagram.

1. Morning walks sound lovely, don’t they?

2. Pause. Rewind. Fast Forward. Stop. Play.

3. Open the door. It’s a metaphor.

4. Secrets kept her from being lonely.

5. “Ping” went the inbox. Holiday’s over.

6.  She didn’t care. She went anyway.

7.  Listen. Do you hear it too?

[Prompts: morning walks, pause, open door, secret spot, inbox, tagalong, the listener.]

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