Polishing cats

Unpolished cat sketch – ink on paper, 55 x 60 mm, 2012.

My friend has introduced me to the wonderful world of polishing cats.* Closely related to procrastination, it’s a term for doing things that don’t really need to be done right now but which mysteriously rise to the top of your ‘to do’ list when there is something important that requires your attention.

I’m supposed to be working on a logo. I have the concept, the reference material and I’m now ready to draw it. I really like drawing and I enjoy designing logos but, for some reason, I can’t seem to settle into the sitting-down-and-getting-on-with-it stage. Instead, I have posted a birthday card, put petrol in the car, done the dishes and finished my mise en place for dinner. I’ve also written to my friend telling her all about it and now I’m preparing this entry for my blog. That’s a whole lot of shiny cats… and still no logo.

*DISCLAIMER ~ The author of this blog does not advocate or in any way condone the literal polishing of cats. That would be silly.

9 thoughts on “Polishing cats

  1. Love the phrase cat polishing!….I had research to do for college last weekend. It resulted in a lovely clean bathroom, house vacuumed top to bottom and a big bag of clothes donated to the charity shop. Sure, the research didn’t quite get done, but if it weren’t for the cat polishing/avoidance techniques, neither would the chores!

    1. Couldn’t agree better. Your list, ephemeralgecko, is the exact list of what I did last time I committed to serious ‘cat polishing’.

      I love the cat picture!

  2. What a hoot 🙂
    I didn’t know what I did alot of the time had such a Hmmm lovely turn of phrase 😉
    I’m going to surprise a few people with this *Thanks*

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