Mole in New Zealand

Mole in NZ – ink and watercolour on paper, 290 x 410 mm, 2012.

MOLE THE WORLD — international art project

Mole the World is a global connection of artists from many countries through photos, drawings, graffiti, graphics and any other creative use of the project symbol: Mole. The goal of the project is to spread the idea of ‘moling’ — using the symbol in artistic ways.

Feeling creative? Visit the website: Mole the World.

My thanks to Katya for her post about the Mole the World project.

2 thoughts on “Mole in New Zealand

    1. Thanks, Andrea. When I found out there hadn’t been any moles from NZ, well, I just HAD to come up with something. The website is worth checking out – my favourite at the moment is ‘Mole the Myth’ from Spain.

      By the way, I’m looking forward to hearing more about the book you’ve illustrated! How cool is that!!!

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