Shoot it, Sketch it: Black bird

Black bird on a grey day – ink and watercolour, 125 x 170 mm, 2012

Here is my second sketch for Shoot it, Sketch it — take a photo of something and then sketch, draw or paint it. The initial sketch was done with dip pen and ink. The watercolour background (something I painted for another project last year) was added in Photoshop.

The photo (below) was taken on a grey, spring day when I spotted this little bird on a tree outside my studio window. It was taken in a hurry, through the less-than-spotlessly-clean window, but was still good enough to use as a reference. Something about the silhouette appealed to me and I thought it would be fun to draw — and it was.

original photo
original sketch

Check out what Bec from Clouds of Colour and Alana from The Little Leaf have done this week too. They’re the bloggers who introduced the Shoot it, Sketch it feature.

15 thoughts on “Shoot it, Sketch it: Black bird

  1. I need to start putting your art on my walls, dear! My actual walls at home, not my FB wall! Seriously, I love this sketch and we need to negotiate what offer would persuade you to part with it! love, mouse

  2. Actually, I’m a bit blown away by everyone’s response to this one – especially when it didn’t quite turn out as I intended. Thank you ALL for your lovely comments. They’re much appreciated.

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