10 thoughts on “Two hundred followers!

  1. An achievement indeed! But, I must ask, is it reflected in the number of Likes or Comments on your posts? I’m surprised at the number of Followers I have, yet they seem to visit rarely! 😉

    1. Hi, Janina. The number of likes/comments does seem to be increasing as I gain followers but no, I don’t get hit with 200 likes/comments when I post something. Some people seem content to ‘follow’ and leave it at that. Others are happy to like and comment on a regular basis but aren’t officially followers. It’s all good.

      For me, it’s not about the numbers anyway. Milestones are really just an opportunity to thank those who follow, comment on or like what I do — and it’s a great excuse to draw a picture : )

      1. Yes, I understand! My numbers seem to be getting less, but then I would call them dedicated followers, definitely! In fact, I forgot to add how much I liked your drawing… 🙂

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