One Lovely Blog Award

one lovely blog award badge

I’d like to thank a grumpy young woman for considering this a lovely blog. You can visit A Grumpy Young Woman (Loves and Hates) here. Be sure to check out the open letter to a rude bus driver. In the immortal words of Pink Floyd: good manners don’t cost nothing, do they, eh?

So now, as part of accepting the OLB award, I need to tell you seven random (and arguably true) things about myself and nominate seven lovely blogs to receive their own lovely award.

  1. I’m a night owl who also likes getting up early in the morning
  2. I’m not particularly good at getting up early in the morning
  3. I like the words ‘serendipity’ and ‘champagne’ (and ‘random’)
  4. Three years ago — 27th December 2009, to be precise — I discovered I could draw
  5. If I had to describe myself using only three words, I’d probably deflect (see point #3)
  6. If I close my eyes, I can hear the universe humming
  7. I’m fairly certain that I need to get out more

And here, as promised, are seven lovely blogs for you to visit and admire.

Have an uncommonly lovely day : )

2 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. I bet you are Tickled Pink with this Award Anna .. and so you should be !
    You have a very lovely blog here, I always enjoy a visit to see what you are artistically creating and like to check out recommendations of yours for other blogs too . Congratulations !

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