Shoot it, Sketch it: Uncharted waters

Uncharted waters – acrylic, ink and digital, 2013.
Uncharted waters – acrylic, ink and digital, 2013.
Acrylic Islands, 2013 – there be treasure buried here...
The Acrylic Islands, 2013 – peeled acrylic paint

I ventured into unfamiliar territory to produce today’s Shoot it, Sketch it. Well, it’s really more of a Shoot it, Sketch it, Peel it, Shoot it, Sketch it!

My inspiration was the leftover paint from last week’s random texture. When I lifted the dry paint off the plate I use as a palette (it just seems a bit more environmentally friendly than rinsing it down the sink), I thought the blobs of acrylic paint (shown in the photograph) looked quite beautiful and wondered if they could be used in a kind of Rorschach inkblot kind of way to inspire a new painting. And the answer is yes. Yes, blobs of paint CAN be remote islands on an old map — if that’s what you want them to be.

Also taking part in the Shoot it, Sketch it experiment are Clouds of ColourThe Little LeafLunch SketchPoppytump and Two Scamps.

18 thoughts on “Shoot it, Sketch it: Uncharted waters

  1. Oh yes I really like this ! You’ve had some fun with this I can see Anna . Love those inventive names for the Acrylic Islands and surrounding Seas .
    I’m staring @ the blobs on the original and seeing two little dogs rough housing …lol

    1. : ) I can see the dogs too. I’m glad you like it. And you’re right, I did have lots of fun with this one. Remember to steer clear of Self-Doubt Harbour! xxx

  2. Wow! What a great concept and realisation.
    I am stuck on an island somewhere near the S on ‘Sketchy Strait’ and really need to explore more of the Artistic Ocean. Inspired!

    1. Thanks! I’m on the ship (let’s call her the Creative Endeavour) heading for Who Knows Where. That’s a wonderful gravatar you’ve got there too, by the way.

    1. Why, oh why did you have to put that idea in my head? I woke up this morning thinking about place names, the main characters, the ending… And now I think I have a title too. What have you done?

  3. Hmmm Anna sorry for a late reponse to this peace but l LOVE iT to. All the hallmarks of an artist, spontaneous creativity with wild imagination and vision of what could be. Its a great piece and you are a great artist. l love your fearlessness around experimenting with texture, style and mediums [ is that the right word for paint and other stuff-LOL] xx

    1. Thanks, Sim : ) Yes, medium is the right word. This one was so much fun – and now it seems I may be turning it into a story. Pictures AND words. I really should’ve seen that coming ; )

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