Anna’s art is now on Etsy

Anna Cull Etsy banner 2014

A catchy little post title, yes? So I’ve finally done it. It’s been some time coming but I’m now selling my paintings on Etsy. It’s a bit scary (who am I kidding… it’s a lot scary) but it simply had to be done ― I’m nearly out of room in the art cave! I listed these eight paintings this morning (actually there are nine because one is a diptych). I’ll be adding a few more later in the week (once the varnish is dry). As always, I’ll keep you posted here and on Facebook…

I’ve also updated my About page.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P.S. The pink floral wallpaper background is NOT for sale : )

6 thoughts on “Anna’s art is now on Etsy

  1. Beautiful work Anna! I hope you keep us updated about your ‘scary’ Etsy adventure. 😉 Sure, it will work.

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