Market day

Below are a few snaps I took of our little market on Saturday ― by all accounts, a successful day. We’ll be popping up again on December 13th and 20th… plenty of time to paint a few more mini macro roses : )

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8 thoughts on “Market day

    1. Thanks, Victoria. Saturday was the first time some of us had seen the other artists’ work — and we were so impressed that we generated quite a few sales just among ourselves! Ah, the ‘danger’ of craft markets : )

  1. That is a wonderful gallery Anna ! So good to see your work on display like that … I get a real sense of reality of your work if that doesn’t sound strange .
    Great work by everyone 🙂

    1. Thank you, Poppy. One down, two to go. And your comment doesn’t sound strange — my paintings have never been on public display before and it was a bit of a buzz seeing them all together like that. Next year (in June), I’ll be taking part in my first art show… it’s also local (which I love) but it’s a BIG one (which is scary) — so I’ve decided not to even think about that one until next year. Thanks for your comments : )

    1. Thanks : ) I really hope you do make it down for one of them — that would be brilliant! (I will, however, quite understand if your hectic life gets in the way.)

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