Unavoidable (word prompts)

The following six-word stories were prompted by the Page Flutter Six-Word Story Challenge. I’m also posting a few favourites on Instagram.

26. It was unavoidable and surprisingly exhilarating.

27. Doohickey, gizmo or thingamajig? You decide.

28. Problem solved: chicken first, then egg.

29. Spring fever kept her house clean.

30. New life, every morning without fail.

31. Summer’s mixed blessing: blooms and pollinosis.

1. Chirp. Did you say something? Chirp.

[March/April prompts: fated, contraption, problem solved, spring fever, new life, in bloom, chirp chirp.]

P.S. The background is a detail of a new painting which I will be writing more about just as soon as it’s properly dry and available on Etsy.

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