Drawn to drawing

As New Zealand prepares to enter a four-week nationwide lockdown (thanks, COVID-19), I have been wondering if there might be some little thing that I could do to make life a little lighter and brighter for those in isolation from their normal lives. And so the first of my colouring pages is being born. Of course I have picked THE most complicated scene to start with… and it’s taking ages to draw… but I figure that if I’m not bored, anyone colouring it in might be not bored too.

Port Chalmers colouring page ~ a work in progress

I’m planning to do at least three New Zealand landscapes as colouring pages. My first page is based on a photograph of Port Chalmers with the historic Iona Church in the foreground and a large congregation of houses and trees in the surrounding neighbourhood. It may take a day or two (or three) to finish… and then it will be available via Etsy as a printable instant download.

5 thoughts on “Drawn to drawing

  1. That’ll be amazing Anna. We visited the church site not that long ago (I blogged some photos) and it’s such a lovely place to be! What your doing is coming along so nicely.

  2. That looks a *lovely challenge Anna πŸ˜‰
    I’m sure you’ll be working on a number of creative projects at this time, I think alot of folk will be re-discovering old hobbies and trying new indoor crafts to keep their minds and hands busy . We’re in for the long haul to beat this Covid-19 let’s hope the scientists can make a break through soon with treatment if not a cure at this stage . Here’s to more colour in our lives πŸ™‚ Keep safe Anna x

    1. Thanks, Poppy. Yes, it has been quite the challenge (I’ve only just finished it)… I hope you and your family are well and finding ways to make the most of these strange days, xxx P.S. I wanted to comment on your Sketchbook Sunday #1 post but comments are closed (and I don’t know how I missed seeing it when you posted it). What a beautiful sketch! Love it! And thanks so much for the shout out too, xxx

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