She unplugged and instantly felt better — acrylic on canvas, 405 x 505 mm, 2019. SOLD

In my last post, I mentioned my plan to make good use of the body of work I have accumulated as a result last year’s six-word story challenge. I painted my first six-word painting a little over a month ago. Here is the second: She unplugged and instantly felt better. True story : )

She unplugged and instantly felt better — Drawing Room mock-up

The Collected Works

My Top Nine six-word stories ~ my favourites selected from a grand total of 134 word+art posts created last year for Instagram which, in turn, came from 365 stories created using the Page Flutter word prompts. For those who may be interested, I’ve gathered all of my word+art stories into a collection on Pinterest

What a fantastic and rewarding challenge this has been! And even though I won’t be carrying on with a daily writing challenge in 2019, I do plan to make good use of my six-word stories. But more about that in my next post : )

The punch line (word prompts)

These six-word stories were prompted by the Page Flutter Six-Word Story Challenge. I’m also posting some of my favourites on Instagram.

24. He saw the punch line coming.

25. The visitor’s much-anticipated arrival didn’t disappoint.

26. “Happy Boxing Day, pizza delivery guy!”

27. Some bygones simply refused to go.

28. Glory days, they’ll pass you by.

29. Enduring dreams demanded brave new plans.

30. A blank page needs only time.

[December prompts: pinnacle, the visitor, Boxing Day, bygones, past glory, new plans, blank page]