Words, words, words (part three)

Here are another couple of pages from my booklet inspired by Stefan Sagmeister’s Things I have learned in my life so far. My lesson: you don’t have to be like everybody else. Part one is here and part two is here.

All the photos were taken in and around home using only what I could find on site — turning the ordinary and everyday into something personal and unique. I’m not like everybody else and neither are you : )

Things I Have Learnt In My Life So Far... (page four)
Things I Have Learnt In My Life So Far… (page four)

To be is a bit of a play on “to be or not to be” which I’ve literally translated into light and shadows. The image represents freedom and fearlessness. Accidentally shining the torch on the bottle had a dramatic effect on the colour!

To be (the process)
To be (the process)

I drew the words on transparency film and attached it to two little clippy things to hold it in position. Then I set up the tripod and used a torch (and a lot of trial and error) to cast a shadow on our bathroom tiles. Keeping the clips out of the shot while making the words legible wasn’t easy but I got there in the end.

Things I Have Learnt In My Life So Far... (page five)
Things I Have Learnt In My Life So Far… (page five)

Like explores things that are the same yet different and features a few fun patterns from my scarf collection. The scarves were wrapped around wire frames and balanced precariously on top of our bed’s timber frame. I think the letters look like they’re performers on a stage — particularly the K — or is that just me?

I’ll be posting the last two photos later in the week.

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