Shoot it, Sketch it: A trip down memory lane

Press Lane – Christchurch, 2010.
Press Lane – Christchurch, 2010.

I was looking for photographs to put on my new portfolio site over the weekend when I came across an image I’d completely forgotten about. It’s a picture of Press Lane in central Christchurch taken a few months before the September 2010 earthquake.

Press Lane –  mixed media, 290 x 205 mm, 2013.
Press Lane – mixed media, 290 x 205 mm, 2013.

I wish it wasn’t quite so hard to tell what the image is (you’re looking over a flower box, down the lane and seeing the buildings in the next street). My husband took a long, hard look at it and announced that I had drawn a kitchen ― and I can see it too now! It was still an interesting exercise… putting my own spin on the out-of-focus shapes and shadows.

The sketch is mainly ink and watercolour with touches of gouache and graphite. I’m not sure what the splash of orange is at the top (I’m sure the building wasn’t on fire) but it was in the photo, so it’s in the sketch : )

7 thoughts on “Shoot it, Sketch it: A trip down memory lane

  1. Hello, and yes we all see it differently. I see that the kitchen is really a subconscious image of the place where we live, the image looks like a poster for home. Colorful and still surrounded by human shapes decorated by natural ones, Home. Good image I like it.

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