Shoot it, Sketch it collaboration

Harbour wall – graphite and watercolour, 255 x 205 mm, © Anna Cull 2013.
Harbour wall – graphite and watercolour, 255 x 205 mm © Anna Cull 2013
Newlyn Harbour Wall, Cornwall © Poppytump, 2013.
Newlyn Harbour Wall, Cornwall © Poppytump 2013

Last month, fellow blogger/artist/photographer Poppytump posted a wonderful photo of this wall (used with permission) ― and now it’s the world’s first ever Poppytump shot it, Anna sketched it. Thank you, Poppy : )

Harbour wall detail — the texture is a kind of ‘dry brush’ watercolour effect.
Harbour wall detail — the painted texture is a ‘dry brush’ watercolour effect.

21 thoughts on “Shoot it, Sketch it collaboration

  1. Anna … Thank you so much . I absolutely love your interpretation of Newlyn Harbour Wall in Cornwall . Graphite& Watercolour .. Brilliant combination !
    Considering the Artistic Community which flourished in the area many years ago in which I am very interested in anyway, I’m loving the fact that you and I have had our very own little ‘Artistic Collaboration’ which sort of fits in with the the spirit of the era.
    🙂 Once more … Thank You I feel really chuffed x

  2. Wow that is beautiful Anna, you have captured the colours in the photograph so perfectly! I love that you & Poppytump did this one together. Awesome idea.

  3. Wow Anna! This is fantastic! When I saw this photo on Poppytump’s blog, I thought it was crying out to be painted. Well done, it’s ‘a beauitful thing’. 🙂

  4. Great idea. The ‘shoot’ and ‘sketch’ are both awesome. Love the colours in both!
    Almost like a sunrise or sunset happening naturally on the wall 🙂

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