What a wonderful gift

© Sandra Fleck, 2013
The best bag ever — was made for me by Sandra (bagirl)…
© Sandra Fleck, 2013
…looks great front and back…
...and has little bees hiding inside.
…and has little bees hiding inside.

Sadly, I do not have my family’s sewing gene. I can draw and paint and knit and cross-stitch… but I can’t sew. How wonderful, then, to have a friend who can! We have a lot of fun rummaging through her fabulous fabric stash and coming up with all manner of unique creations.

This bag was Sandra’s way of thanking me for helping with her blog (I’m photographer-in-chief ― I also designed her business cards/product labels). I chose the fabric as well as the bag design. Long live the barter system : )

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