My first ever painting commission (WIP)

Peonies – acrylic sketch and triptych mock-up
Acrylic sketch and triptych mock-up

There was quite a bit of work behind the scenes before the brush ever touched the canvas. My client knew the subject and the colour that she wanted but hadn’t been able to find a painting or print to match her vision. I was commissioned to create an artwork ― any medium, any style ― of three red peony roses. Wow. Really? Okay.

I opted for an acrylic painting on stretched canvas. But what size should it be?

Mock-ups showing various options – the client chose the bottom left triptych
Mock-ups showing various options – the client chose the bottom left triptych

Because I was able to take photographs of the room, I decided to make several mock-ups of the canvas sizes that I thought would suit the space. My client chose a triptych measuring 100 x 100 cm. A sketch was approved and three canvases were ordered…

WIP update

Final painting

18 thoughts on “My first ever painting commission (WIP)

  1. Congratulations! I never imagined this kind of planning could take place in the creation of a painting. It makes perfect sense, now that I think of it, that a commission is not just about a subject, but about a placement in someone’s life. Another misconception shattered!

    Now I’m waiting to see the foreshortening technique applied to a photo of the final work. No? OK.

    1. Thanks : ) Oh and there’s no foreshortening applied to those photos (it does look like it though, doesn’t it?) — that’s just what the room looks like. In fact that’s why I Photoshopped the canvas options… because the wall is such an odd shape. I’m not sure it’s something I’d do for EVERY commission but it was an interesting exercise.

    1. Thanks, Sim. I’ve just finished the actual painting… it looks quite a lot like the sketch — same composition, same colours — I’ll post photos next week : )

  2. This is amazing! They’re beautiful and should I decide to take the plunge I might look you up! I can’t find a piece for our living room wall and it suffers because of it! Beautiful artwork.

    1. Thank you! Yes, it appears that I do commissions now. A few years ago, I never would’ve believed it! My friends and family, however, are not the slightest bit surprised. It’s a funny old thing, life : )

      1. Our friends and family always see our amazing potential before we can see it ourselves. Congrats in the success and hope for much more!

  3. No es necesario que alguien te encargue un cuadro para saber que tu tienes mucho estilo, pero debe ser muy emocionante que en estos tiempos de crisis alguien te valore tanto como para pagarte por una obra tuya. Enhorabuena.
    Saludos desde Alicante -España-

  4. Interesting and educational post. Your approach is very professional and the result proves it. You are lucky to have commissions. I’ve had only one so far. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. Thanks for sharing the “process” with us. Folks don’t realize that there is a lot of pre-thinking done before one stroke hits the canvas. Nicely done!

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