Shoot it, Sketch it: Moon

Moon over the city – acrylic on canvas, 505 x 405 mm, 2013
Moon Over the City – acrylic on canvas, 405 x 305 mm, 2013.

Here is the finished painting based on last week’s photo and sketch. In real life, the texture of the night sky is quite subtle and, in some lights, the surface looks smooth and the dark purple appears almost black. I wouldn’t mind painting a few more of these : )

7 thoughts on “Shoot it, Sketch it: Moon

  1. What a super interpretation Anna ! Do love the Moon lit sky … and falling star dust to shimmer on the City lights below…

  2. Beautiful! I’m far too intimidated by the subtle mysteries of the night sky to try to paint them. I like your colors and composition very much…the vertical painting with moon above and cityshine below helps convey the larger-than-us sense of the Night.

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