Double take (pen vs earthquake)

Pen vs earthquake #1 – Mona Vale, 2013
Pen vs earthquake #1 – Mona Vale, 2013

Mona Vale restaurant and function centre was damaged quite badly in the February 2011 earthquakes. The 5.5 hectares of gardens are still open to the public but the beautiful historic homestead needs a lot of TLC to restore it to its former glory. Mona Vale used to be one of our favourite places for special occasions and we miss it dearly.

The idea for this photo shoot came from Ben Heine’s ingenious Pencil Vs Camera images. I have a number of sketches I’d like to photograph in situ like this ― all are from this student project (click on the link and scroll down).

Anna Cull Pen vs earthquake Mona Vale

The sketch is from my time at art college (2011). I took the photographs last week.

17 thoughts on “Double take (pen vs earthquake)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Maureen : ) I’m starting to get a bit organised with a view to having an online shop (it’s a slow process… you can’t rush these things) — I may make the drawings available as prints. At the rate I’m going though, it’ll be sometime next year.

  1. Hi Anna , your photo really shows there is a fair way to go on the building restoration . I can see how you would love this idea of Bens – have just been to look at his amazing work . Ingenious indeed.
    Love your torn ( ! ) sketch .

    1. I’m really glad you like it, Jen. It can be a bit tricky keeping everything (sketch and background) in focus, especially when you are both photographer AND model… but there are ways. Have fun : )

  2. Very cool! Weird how the brain is so eager to see a complete picture. Your project work is also great. Thanks for sharing this all!

  3. As I’ve said before, your drawings make a place look much better than it actually is. Shame one can’t rebuild it to look like your drawing! LOL. PS: I know what you mean about missing a loved place….the memories!

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