This is home

Canterbury – acrylic on canvas, 405 x 305 mm, 2013
Canterbury – acrylic on canvas, 405 x 305 mm, 2013
Canterbury in detail
Canterbury – in detail

I originally created this landscape as a digital illustration (it’s the background of this poster). The scene is based on a number of different photographs and even though it is not an actual location, it is typical of the scenery here in Mid Canterbury ― the snow-covered Southern Alps, the colourful Canterbury Plains ― except that I omitted the rivers… and the houses… and the sheep…

7 thoughts on “This is home

  1. I love your sky in this one, especially, Anna, and the composition. The references to your student projects are fun as well. Great poster (the picture IS prettier without the crime statistics! ;-)) New Zealand has long been on my list of places I aspire to visit. Many people tell me it is like the US Northwest (my neck of the woods) “on steroids.” Sounds like a place I’d like, and your painting seems to do it justice.

    1. Thanks, Camilla. You like the sky; I really like the mountains. And yes, it is much prettier without the crime stats spoiling the view — come to think of it, that was the point of the poster ; ) I have a feeling that, like Moon, I’ll be painting a number of different versions of this.

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