Design detour, part three

Student project to design a cover for a book about the beat poets. We were directed to use found images and a limited colour palette. I used paper collage, deconstructed poetry, an acetone printing technique and watercolour.

Peer interview and editorial – two-page spread.
The original photos used for the illustration.

Student project: peer interview and editorial suitable for IdN magazine. The editorial had to include a particular style of digital illustration, combining photography and watercolour. My classmate, Punch, is a very talented illustrator from Thailand.

EARTHQUAKE  February 22nd, 2011

Christchurch hadn’t really stopped shaking for months, ever since September’s 7.1 quake. But this one was different and took us by surprise. Again. It was officially a 6.3 magnitude earthquake and yet it did much more damage: 185 people died and the Canterbury landscape changed forever.

Editorial detail.

Student project: an editorial about my experience of the Christchurch earthquakes. D&A is one of many buildings damaged and imprisoned in the Red Zone cordon and has now been added to the city’s ‘partial demolish’ list.

Earthquake expressive type tee-shirt design.

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